GeneTyper - transgenic mouse genotyping service
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Publications that used our services for genotyping:

Dr. Edward Thorp et al, Laboratory of Dr. Ira Tabas
Department of Medicine, Columbia University, New York, NY
Increased apoptosis in advanced atherosclerotic lesions of Apoe-/- mice lacking
macrophage Bcl-2  Feb 2009, Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol

Dr. Jean-Claude Platel et al, Laboratory of Dr. Angelique Bordey
Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut
GFAP-GFP neural progenitors are antigenically homogeneous and anchored in their
enclosed mosaic niche  Jan 2009, Glia

Dr. Gregory J. Pazour et al
University of Massachusetts Medical School, Worcester, MA
The Golgin GMAP210/TRIP11 anchors IFT20 to the Golgi complex
Dec 2008, PLoS Genetics

Deletion of IFT20 in the mouse kidney causes misorientation of the mitotic spindle and
cystic kidney disease   Nov 2008,  J. Cell Biol

  • References listed only with author's consent.   Send us your publication links.
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