Mouse genotyping sample shipping: plastic sleeves for PCR strips
High throughput PCR mouse genotyping service
GeneTyper - transgenic mouse genotyping service

Call or email GeneTyper to arrange for
sample pickups in Manhattan.
Sample submission
Immerse samples in 70% - 95%
alcohol and cap tightly.
Your samples are good for testing for at
least two weeks at room temperature.
Mouse tail sample shipping: sample submission form
Mouse tail sample shipping supples: water proof padded mailer
include sample submission form
with samples in plastic sleeves
use bubble padded mailer
We accept
  • First Class Mail
  • Priority Mail
  • Express Mail
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What are the rates for First-Class mail and Priority mail?
weight not over (ounces or grams)
1 - 4 oz
28-113 g
$ 3.66 & up
5 - 8 oz
$ 4.39 & up
9 - 12 oz
$ 5.19 & up
13 oz
367  g
$ 5.71 & up
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  • First-Class Mail - Packages (Rates updated on 1/7/2020):

  • Postage for 3 strips of samples + plastic sleeve + paper sheet + bubble mailer:  $3.66 (< 113g) / 4.09 for zone 1 or  9.  

  • Priority Mail Flat-Rate small box: $7.90, anywhere within the US.

  • First-Class mail may take 2-5 days to reach us (zip code 10032), Priority mail 1-3 days.

Can I print out shipping labels at my desk and track the package?

    Click-N-Ship®, an online postage service for the United States Postal Service, allows one to:

  • Print Priority Mail  with Delivery Confirmation free of charge.
  • Track the package bearing the label.