Service Provided:
  • Genomic DNA extraction from tails, toes, and other tissues
  • Gel annotation of PCR result - You see the original data plus matching
    mouse name, ID and primer information
  • Online bookkeeping according to mouse lines - organized for you to view,
    search, and catalog.
  • Three business day turnaround (1 day express service available).

    Mailing samples to GeneTyper is E-A-S-Y.
    No refrigeration necessary.  HERE'S HOW.                   PICKUP IN NYC

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Company phone:  646 258 8605
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A typical annotated result from a mouse line requiring multiple
genotyping PCRs.
  full report
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GeneTyper provides PCR genotyping service for knock-out, knock-in or transgenic
mice.  Those laboratories collecting fewer than 30 samples per day will realize
considerable savings by out-sourcing at our
GeneTyper - transgenic mouse genotyping service
High throughput PCR mouse genotyping service
GeneTyper - PCR mouse genotyping
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